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Update: Isis

A client of ours recently got in touch to give an update on Isis, his beautiful Husky/Lab mix. We love hearing success stories. 

Isis came to me from a loving family that had noticed possible aggression from her towards their newborn child. They knew in their hearts that Isis was a good dog because when they first got her they were told she was uncontrollable. Since that time she had become a loved and loving member of their family; although, they could not take a chance when their newborn was involved.
To be sure, when Isis came to me she had a number of small issues but we bonded within days. After a few weeks, it became evident that while I had many dogs in my life I was going to need some help with Isis. She was a dog trying to integrate with her third pack and was proving every bit the strong willed dog that had gotten her this far in life.
Through friends of friends, I learnt of Sonny and the great work he had done with Bunny; I was sold.
After just a few sessions, Isis and I were working together getting rid of habits and traits that she had had her entire life. Not surprisingly, a number of my old habits with dogs disappeared. Sonny worked with me as much if not more than Isis.
Over the past year since we last worked with Sonny, we have continued working on what he taught us. There are a few things that I am sure could be better but in the end, they are manageable and really are just parts of her beautiful personality. She has a personality that endears her to people, even those whom are afraid of dogs or those who do not like dogs (yes, there are some like that).

So glad to hear things are going well for Isis and Michael.

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