Our Mission

Dogs are too often misunderstood, and we aim to change that. At The Dog Psychology and Rehabilitation Centre, we are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of The Pack. It's a place where nature provides everything a dog could ask for-- trails, parks, waterfront, and endless nature-filled adventures. Come visit The Dog P.A.R.C and learn how to truly understand the language of dogs, become a leader, and bring your relationship back to a balanced state.

We have made it our goal to completely understand dog psychology and pursue working with dogs where rehabilitation is our focus. We connect with dogs' minds and their natural instincts to help correct unwanted behaviour.

Permanent dog rehabilitation can only occur with a calm, assertive, and constant pack leader. At The P.A.R.C. there is no dog we can't help. Each case is approached from a dog psychology point of view. We've created a unique place where clients will experience, first hand, the power that the pack holds.

In order to truly understand dogs, we must first understand the pack mentality, and why your dogs' natural pack instincts are the key to a happy relationship. You will learn to relate to dogs on a canine level. 

The following quote from Cesar Millan's book, Be The Pack Leader, gives a great explanation on how our actions and emotions are directly related to our dogs' behaviour. This is often where the problem begins. We are working toward educating our clients on how to fulfill the human-dog relationship, so that these unwanted behaviours don't exist:

Every time you humanize your dog and expect him to fulfill the position of an absent child, lover, friend, or parent in your life, you are putting unrealistic expectations on him. You are taking away his dignity, the dignity of being a dog. A dog is part of Mother Nature, which means he is naturally wired to expect order in his life, to expect that he has to work for food and water and must follow the rules and guidelines of an orderly social system, under the watch of a trusted pack leader. If you are not giving your dog these things, yet you are projecting on him all the emotions, affection, and intimacy that you lack with the humans in your life, then you are being very unfair to your dog— and you may well be the cause of his or her bad behaviour.

About Us

Originally from Toronto, we are grateful that the city was able to provide parks and trails where we could be surrounded by a more natural environment; it was extremely important for our daily outings. Ultimately, we needed something more-- where we could not only provide more space, but be surrounded by nature, and work with a much larger group of dogs.

The Dog P.A.R.C is a long time dream that is finally being fulfilled -- to create a haven where we could live and work with dogs.  It's not only our home, but a place completely dedicated to the needs of The Pack.


I have always had a deep fascination with Mother Nature. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where I grew up with Great Danes. My father was a dog trainer, so it was from this experience that I learned respect was one of the key ingredients to any relationship. Naturally, I gravitated toward a life of saving animals. We later moved to Canada where I saw dogs in a different light.

I've made it my goal to truly understand dogs and how they live in our world. My experiences have been enlightening, and I've realized what it takes to fulfil the relationships we have with our dogs. 

When it comes to training, I focus on the owner. I work closely with you and your dog, providing a clear and true understanding as to where or why the behaviour exists. My goal is to educate you and give you the tools and knowledge to slowly help you fulfil your dog and develop that wonderful, harmonious relationship you want and deserve. 


Besides being Sonny's wife,  I am his pack leader, and the creative force behind this project. While Sonny works his magic, I take care of the behind-the scenes aspects of The P.A.R.C.

I work hand-in-hand with Sonny during the rehabilitation process.  As the female pack leader, I bring another type of energy into the home - one that differs from that of Sonny and The Pack members.  

Being surrounded by dogs is daily life for us, and documenting their journey and sharing it with you is a pleasure. 


The Pack is our most important tool when we are rehabilitating unbalanced dogs. They are key in helping to accelerate the process.

The pack mentality is engrained in your dog's DNA. There are only two roles in a pack; leader and follower. If you do not take the role of leader in your relationship with your dog, they will. Oftentimes, from a dominant point of view. This results in unwanted behaviours.

Here at The Dog P.A.R.C., the pack rules; everything we do revolves around them. They are a diverse group that we've been blessed to work with over the years. Now, permanently together, they have become the most important tool of any rehabilitation case we work with. 

Living and working with The Pack requires us to be conscious of the present-- "living in the moment".  A true pack, in our opinion, never separates- everything is done as a group. They seek out a natural order; which allows all dogs to overcome behavioural issues.

Our rules and communication, with the pack members, are clear and simple. Our aim is to define rules that are essential for their survival in a particular environment. The basis for this communication is always the same-- trust and respect from human to dog, and from dog to human. It must work both ways.

Our Pack currently consists of six full-time members, each one who experienced their own behaviour issues in the past. Today, not only are they well-adjusted and balanced dogs, but they are paying it forward. The difference now, is that they help from a follower state-of-mind.

filmed and edited by David Condotta