It's our responsibility to be the best owners we can be. We must realize that change begins with us-- by "thinking different" about the way we approach the relationships we have with them. 

Programs have been created to help you and your dog enjoy a balanced relationship. You will be provided with all the tools and knowledge to be a leader for your dog. Understanding how to fulfil your dog's needs requires attendance and participation in these programs. We will work together, from a dog psychology point of view, and you will learn how to make a more primal connection with your dog. This will involve a strong knowledge of body language and energy, making corrections and mastering leadership. Our beliefs and methods will always be based on provable results and a deep understanding of dog behaviour. 


Boarding Per Night . $40

This is anything but your typical boarding facility. When you are away from home you want your dogs to be kept in a safe and comfortable environment. We provide round-the-clock care with structured walks and activities. Your dogs will be immersed in daily life at The P.A.R.C. -- enjoying the company and benefits of  our well-balanced pack. This includes everything from exploring trails and beaches, to healthy meals, and a good nights rest amongst all the other dogs.  

consultations / PRIVATE sessions . $250

Join us and The Pack for in depth, one-on-one training. Enjoy a day in the country, where we will spend approximately 3 hours, focusing on identifying and correcting any unwanted behaviours you are experiencing with your dog. This also includes educating you in basic dog psychology in order to gain a true understanding of your dog's behaviour.

* In home sessions are also available (dependant on location)   



We will soon be announcing dates for workshops that will be held at The P.A.R.C. 

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Rehabilitation Program

Regardless of age, dogs always want to return to balance, but they need us to be their leaders and guide them. Dogs are more than just pets; we need to challenge them, spend time with them, and ultimately fulfill them. We must guide them the right way - through trust, leadership, and love. 

This program is offered to clients who are seeking help for dogs with behaviour related issues. Your dog will live with us for a period time in order to overcome these behaviours. The goal of rehabilitation is to provide daily activities that allow your dog to achieve a balanced state of mind. Your dog will be working with me and a balanced pack of dogs everyday for the length of their stay. 

As an owner and client, you can expect to be more involved with what your dog is doing with us on a regular basis – where we go, what we do, and why we do it. You will be involved in the process in order to continue a balanced relationship. 

* fee based on individual consultation

Watching Sonny work has truly been an inspiration. Without him, Teddy would most likely have lived out the second half of his life, never having had the ‘pack experience’. Sonny has taught us that dogs like Teddy are not broken, but rather they live in the moment. If we are willing to put our time and effort into helping them, they will return the favour tenfold. Today, Teddy is like a whole new dog. He has transformed in so many ways, into the attentive, willing and loveable companion that any dog owner wishes for. Each day, we continue to apply all of the knowledge that Sonny has taught us, and this consistency has paid off immensely. Teddy is now able to socialize with other dogs, and even has some canine friends. Not only are we a happier family because of Sonny, but Teddy could not be a happier dog – wagging his tail all day long.
— Georgina, Toronto