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Cyber's Journey

Cyber has now finished her stay with us, and has returned back home. During her time here, I was able to relieve her of a great deal of pent-up frustration, and the overall intensity she was carrying. She was fully integrated with the pack and clearly showed that she was able to be in the presence of, and get along with other dogs. 

Other areas we focused on were her prey drive and her intensity at feeding time. Having her become calm and submissive during this time was key, as it also helped me gain her trust and respect in other areas. 

I must make clear, however, that this reactive behaviour that Cyber deals with does not just disappear. It will get better as her owners slowly establish their roles as leaders. Having a routine, and being consistent with her fulfillment will be their main challenges/goals as their relationship progresses. 

Each time we work with a new dog, we not only help that dog, but we learn something about ourselves. This couldn't be more true after Cyber's stay with us. For example, Melissa mentioned that Cyber was, by far, the most intense case she has experienced, but at the same time learned that as long as she remains calm, assertive, and plays her role as leader, the dogs will obey and respect her.

Mel, The Pack and I are honoured to have worked with her. She is a dog with a beautiful soul, and we look forward to seeing her very soon. We'll keep you posted with Cyber's progress.

Here's a short video with some clips that highlight Cyber's rehabilitation journey, and her days spent with The Pack.

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