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In the Kitchen

We like to cook big batches of food for the girls, and our visitors, every week. We can freeze it, so it's fresh and ready to go when we get back from our days out with the Pack. We'll change up what meat, organs and veggies we use, but here's what a typical batch contains (we've listed different variations that we tend to change up) : 

Meat: Chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, etc

Organs: Liver, hearts, gizzards. These are all given in small amounts as they are very concentrated

Eggs: A whole food, often regarded as being the perfect protein source. They contain a full compliment of minerals, and high levels of calcium (mostly in the yolk). 

Fruits & Veggies: carrots, broccoli, leafy greens (kale, spinach, collards, etc), apple, cranberries (great for urinary tract health. Bunny has a tendency to "leak" sometimes)

Grains: We don't use products with wheat or refined grains (i.e white rice). Instead, whole grains of barley and oats are great options with loads of vitamins, minerals, oils and proteins.

Supplements:  just a few drops of omega 3 (in the form of fish oil) is great for their skin, coat and heart and joint health. Sometimes we add some extra fibre to the diet, as it aids in gastrointestinal health.