Fulfilling a Dream


This week will be bittersweet as Melissa and I prepare for a move, about an 1.5 hours east of downtown Toronto. The exciting news is that we are finally fulfilling a long time dream of ours to live and work with dogs.  It will not only be our home, but a place completely dedicated to the needs of "The Pack".

In the last 10 years, I made it my goal to completely understand dog psychology and pursue working with dogs where rehabilitation was my focus. This brings me to my Pack. Many of the members were once deemed unsociable, aggressive, possessive, territorial and basically "write-offs". Today, not only are they well well-adjusted and balanced dogs, but they are responsible for helping many successful rehabilitation cases that I've worked with. I'm lucky that I'm able to continue working with the same group of dogs once we move. We only had to say goodbye to one dog from the original Pack. Ridley is a truly special dog, and really the only one who naturally carried such a wonderful balanced energy. It was a treat to work with him- he taught me countless lessons when it came to understanding pack behaviour. He is now helping raise a new puppy with his owners, and he'll no doubt be the perfect role model. Love ya Ridds!                             

Ridley the Schnauzer

Ridley the Schnauzer

For The Pack and I, the final piece of the puzzle is coming together. A place where nature provides everything a dog could ask for-- trails, waterfront, parks, and endless nature filled adventures. 

I'm grateful that the city provides many places where you can be surrounded by a more natural environment. It's been extremely important for our daily outings, but ultimately, we needed something where we could not only provide more space, but be surrounded by nature more permanently, and work with a much larger group of dogs.

We'd like to thank everyone that we've shared our experiences with. Each one of you have prepared us for this new and exciting journey in which we are about to embark.

Here's a look back on some of our adventures with The Pack: 

Here's a peak at our new paradise in the country. We'll be in touch as our journey unfolds. We are thrilled with the endless possibilities we will be able to offer the pack, new visitors, those in the dog industry and of course, new dogs and their owners.