Park Visit with Tug and The Pack

This week has been spent working on many of Tug's "firsts"-- meeting a pack and basically learning how to be surrounded by dogs in different settings.

We took a trip to the park, where we knew Tug would be challenged with an abundance of excitement. He's been doing great with the Pack, so we knew they'd be able to help him out with this exercise. We spent the first part of the day on leash, where Tug could basically ease into the situation and learn to stay calm when he's surrounded by excited energy. He did fantastic. Slowly, and when the time was right, Sonny had him off leash. He was respectful of the other dogs, stayed by Sonny's side, and did excellent with recall. 

Here's a short video for you to see Tug and The Pack, in action.

This coming week, we will be spending more time working him into these situations, where his excitement and play drive will be tested. He's well on his way.

Just a reminder to everyone, that very careful steps were taken to get Tug to this point. Patience is key in rehabilitation. You should never attempt anything we do here, without consulting a professional in the field. 

you can see previous rehabilitation cases here, or on our vimeo page.