A Nature Walk through Taylor Creek

Just below the DVP, the Taylor Creek Park follows the Don River; a place I would often visit as a child. My friends and I would bike ride through the trails and just explore for hours, with great enthusiasm. For those here in Toronto, this is a wonderful spot that I highly recommend. It is a true gem in our busy city.

I love bringing my Pack here often, and going on long peaceful walks. Our outings, in general, range from 3-4 hours, depending where we go.  They sniff, see and listen to the wildlife that surrounds them as they follow their (human) pack leader. 

Here's a clip of what our nature walks are like. The sights and sounds are a wonderful way for the dogs, and us humans, to really escape from the city and enjoy what mother nature has created.  

The nature walk is one of my favourite ways of "living in the now" and riding the wave of balance.