Update on Teddy

So Teddy's been doing great at home. His owners are working with him and staying committed to his rehabilitation. Here's what they had to say:

... We had a great weekend. On Saturday, I walked him in the afternoon for an hour or so and we came across several (8) dogs – many of which were small ones.

He came nose to nose with a couple but I stayed away from the ones I wasn’t sure of and we just sat and watched them go by. He only needed a few corrections and he responded right away.

Yesterday afternoon I took him down to the ravine on a leash and boy did he like that! I will take him down again one day this week with the muzzle so that he can explore a bit more.

Last night, as we were on our last walk, I was startled by  a woman and her dog as I was bent over picking up after Teddy and they came around the corner. Anyways, Teddy lunged and I pulled up, got him to sit down and told him “no”. He stopped right away, which in the past he never would have done. 

Today when I got home from work, he was full of energy. I had to correct him from getting into my space and when he finally settled down we went for walk. We went for a VERY long walk (well over an hour) and on our way home we came across a couple of dogs and he had both his ears and tail down. So, again it shows how important exercising him is. For the past 2 weeks, he’s been used to being out for several hours a day and today he was cooped up alone all day.

Also, I’ve been doing the feeding ritual and he’s been great at waiting for the okay before eating. 


This is great. They are challenging themselves and Teddy. This is a work in progress, so it's completely natural that Teddy will still have the tendency to react to certain situations. The important thing is, is that he is being corrected by his owners, and that he is listening and allowing them to be his leader. 

It's wonderful to hear that he is improving and that his owners' are aware of certain behaviours, are confident enough to correct Teddy and follow through with their leadership. Consistency is key, so that Teddy will know that he is no longer their leader, and that certain behaviours are not allowed.

We had Teddy board with us last weekend and were able to take him to the off-leash dog park. This was a huge challenge because the energy and excitement surrounding Teddy was extremely high. We had him on leash, with no muzzle. Have a look, he did an amazing job. We are so proud of his progress.

Good job everyone!