Case Study: Teddy

Dog Talk would like welcome Teddy, a 7.5 year old Airedale Terrier

The first half of Teddy's life was spent with an owner who suffered from mental illness. I have no doubt that he played a role of protector, helper and true companion. However; when the relationship ended and Teddy had to be re-homed, he was also taking with him some inherited behavioral issues.

Teddy was put into shelter in August 2011 and rescued by the Airedale Society, who put him up for adoption. He was adopted twice but sent back because of aggression issues toward other dogs. 

Having a great foster-mom for a while, Teddy finally found a family willing to give him an opportunity to live the second half of his life with as much fulfillment as possible. This would include Teddy being around other dogs in public place s, both on and off-leash; something the family was told would most likely never be a possibility.

I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing family at our first session with Teddy and my two dogs, Baby and Bunny. Immediately, I knew he was in the right home that would allow him to rehabilitate. 

Please join me on this journey and see how "the pack" helps Teddy achieve balance. 

[image: Melissa Condotta for Dog Talk]