Welcome to Dog Talk!

Hello World. Welcome to Dog Talk. We are Sonny and Melissa (Condotta) Jarak, owners and founders of Dog Talk. We are so passionate about this and we want you to be a part of it.We'll tell you more about us in a bit but ... wow... has this venture been a long time coming. We're thrilled to finally be taking the leap. So, why name it Dog Talk? Simply put, Dog's are animals-- they have their own language and we need to honour and understand it. Dog Talk understands it and we're basically here to translate it for you. Not literally, but we are here for a reason. We're creating change and understanding. It's going to be great and everyone is going to see how simple it is to have amazing relationships with their dogs. Understanding their "language" relates directly  to the practice of Dog Psychology. Trust us, it's a lot simpler than it sounds and we can't wait to show you why. We'll be posting a lot about the topic, so you'll learn all about it in no time.

Welcome to our journey. Stick around (and we hope you do) to see some great stuff and learn a whole lot. We hope that some of you even find a new appreciation for our canine friends.  Dogs are amazing animals ... we have so much to learn from and about them...


Hello, it's Sonny. Thanks for visiting our blog. I give a bit of my background our website so I'll just say a few things to introduce Dog Talk and what I hope to achieve. I welcome you on our journey and look forward to helping you fulfil your dogs.

Dog's are much more than just pets. They ultimately become family; however we must remember to honour them as dogs, and not humans. By humanizing at the wrong times we are only placing unrealistic expectations on them. It's up to us to challenge and spend time with them. We must lead and guide them the right way-- with trust (exercise), respect (discipline) and love. That's why I'm here. It's been an honour to able to work with dogs and be among them on a daily basis. When it comes to my work I'm like an open book; allowing you, as the owner, to be fully involved. I've always wanted for people and their pets to have the relationship that I share with my dog. It's definitely attainable if we take the time to understand their language and respect them for who they really are. Deep down we all have an instinctual side-- the side of you that your dog really needs. They have so much more to offer, and it's partly because of them that has allowed me to reach th

is stage of my life. I'm grateful for it, and I have made it my goal to give back to them; to rehabilitate them; to educate humans about why dogs are here; and to guide owners in giving their dogs the lives they deserve.

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting, supporting and taking some time to understand my passion.




Hey everyone, it's Melissa. Thanks for stopping by. So as you've heard, this is huge for us. We've been so excited preparing for this launch, and it's crazy that it's here. And so far, so good. I came into this, pretty much just as Sonny's wife, but it's become so much more. I'm his partner-in-crime (after Baby of course). I pretty much take care of all the "boring stuff" while Sonny works his magic. Well it's not all that boring, cause I get to be with dogs all time too. You'll be hearing a lot from me also.

Sonny has an understanding for dogs (and them for him) that I've never seen before. He has so much to share with the dog community-- it's actually pretty amazing what he can do for you. I say that in all honesty. I didn't grow up with dogs and like many, had a bit of fear toward them. It all changed when Sonny and I "inherited" Baby, our Jack Russell Terrier. I've learned some incredible things and have naturally grown a deep love for dogs. I'm excited for Dog Talk, for Sonny to spread his knowledge and most importantly, I'm excited for the dogs. They're gonna love it!

Thanks again and stay tuned,