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Nathan's Message

We recently learned of the passing of one of our beloved clients, Nathan-- an American Pitbull, who we came to know a few years ago. We accepted him with open arms after his owner, Steve, expressed that he was experiencing a lot of prejudice whenever it came time to find boarding for Nathan. Truth be told, we didn't think twice before welcoming Nathan into The Pack. It was simply an amazing opportunity for us all. He had no issues and was the epitome of a calm-submissive dog. A dog that carried an energy one could only benefit from, and that all other dogs need.

I would shake my head in disbelief every time I had to put on his muzzle, when going out for a walk in public; or when I thought of others denying him the right to be with other dogs simply because of his breed. I can tell you, though, that those people only denied themselves. With false beliefs, we have not only taken away from ourselves, but we've managed to take these dogs away from all other dogs. Remember, it's not the dog, it's the person behind them

I've always said that we'll only learn more about ourselves if we pursue understanding dog behaviour. Nathan's story is no different. My experience with him taught me to never give up on helping people change the way they think about certain breeds. 

I'm so grateful that we made the most of our time with Nathan. He is special- his breed is special. 

Steve, thank you for giving Nathan a good life and for giving all Bully breed owners a great name. We will never forget Nathan; his spirit will forever be with our Pack.

It is now, when I am most proud to have created a place like The P.A.R.C., where any and all dogs get a fair chance to express their true selves: free of prejudice, whether it be their behaviour history, their breed or their age. We honour them all, as animals and dogs, first.

Let's continue to think different!


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