Cruze's Story


Hi everyone. It's been quite some time since we've posted here, and we apologize. It's been an extremely busy summer, and of course, the dogs always come first. Nevertheless, we are back and have lots to update you on. Thanks for your patience.

If you've been following us on social media, you're sure to have seen Cruze, the happy-go-lucky hound cross that arrived at The P.A.R.C. mid summer. He was a special case we were happy to take on. One of our dear friends, who volunteers at the OSPCA, reached out to us to help the organization with a young dog that had lived in shelters since he was a pup. His social skills were minimal, and he had a bite history, making his chances for adoption almost non existent. 

We agreed to take on ownership of Cruze, where he's become a temporary pack member. Our goal is provide a safe home for him, where he will be immersed in pack life, and learn to how to live and thrive in a life outside of a shelter.

Here's a bit of a background into Cruze's journey, and how he got lucky enough to join us.

Cruze's Story from the OSPCA

Cruze came into the OSPCA PEAC facility having been temporarily housed at a couple of other shelter locations that were unable to provide Cruze with the time and behaviour modification a dog with his type of issues deserved.  PEAC having had success with other such cases in the past, was chosen as a location that might be able to help Cruze through his undesirable behaviours and make him into a good adoption candidate.  Unfortunately, having spent the time he did at the other locations, PEAC staff soon discovered that a shelter setting just wasn’t conducive to his rehabilitation regardless of what staff skill sets and behaviour modification programs existed.  PEAC was tasked at not transplanting Cruze just anywhere else, but finding the right environment and people with the proper skill sets, time and resources essential to Cruze’s recovery.  When one of PEAC’s most committed and loyal volunteers recommended The Dog PARC to us, we began to take interest.  When we learned that our volunteer had spent significant time at The Dog Parc and had gotten to know Sonny and Melissa personally, and that they were working wonders with their ‘pack’, time and time again, we decided to connect.  Through various correspondence and careful consideration, both PEAC and The PARC decided that yes, Cruze could join the pack and that his rehabilitation would begin the moment he arrived.  Cruze had a lot of frustration and pent up energy behind his otherwise sweet and gentle eyes – that you could see.  He was young and full of gusto and needed a stable, calm environment designed specifically for managing and rehabilitating his type of underlying issues.  Cruze had some dog aggression and although he showed his level of intelligence by following some basic commands, his potential to redirect his frustrations onto others was a real concern.  There was a ton of potential in Cruze and it wasn’t but a day or two later, after having delivered Cruze to the PARC, that we began to receive photos and videos of Cruze peacefully and playfully interacting with the pack with no signs of aggression whatsoever.  Sunny had worked a minor miracle in such a short period of time we were all so amazed.  We are grateful to Sunny and his team for all they have done for Cruze.   He is a very sweet, playful, gregarious dog that now rehabilitated, will certainly make for an amazing companion animal for the right adopter with many years of shared happiness and fun ahead.  Thanks from all of us at PEAC.

The main issues we've been working on with Cruise are separation anxiety, his high energy level, and his aggression tendencies around food. His bite history kept him from socializing with other dogs at shelters, and once he arrived we found that he did tend to get over excited and dominant when playing. He's a young boy, and a quick learner who has adapted to pack life wonderfully.

Cruise has already begun to pay it forward by providing a great energy with new dogs that arrive. He's become a playful soul that gets along well with other dogs; and like so many other shelter dogs, he's just been misunderstood. You'll see in the photos we've shared, how well he has taken to the other pack members. You'll also notice the bond he shared with Malka, the Great Dane that was here with us over the summer.

Cruise will continue his rehabilitation with us until we feel he is ready to go to his forever home. At that time, we will be seeking out a suitable home for Cruise, where we know he will be fulfilled.

Until then, keep following Cruise's journey toward adoption via our Instagram and Facebook pages.